Return back to the previous web screen

This is a simple question, but I cant find the answer.
How can I know from which web screen I came, if later I want to return back to it.
Is there any kind of function or variable that gives me that information?

one possibility would be using GetReferrerURL and then determine the screen from the URL
or depending on what egsactly you are doing, you can also pass an input variable to the screen

contact_list -> contact (input variable = true)
company -> contact (input variable = false)

now within the contact screen, you can determine where you came from, according to the true/false

if true -> go back to contact_list
else -> go back to company

but it depends on what you are doing precisely, to determine which kind of input variable would be the best
Hello Antonio,

I usaly use the GetBookmarkableURL() in the preparation of a screen to get the whole url of that screen, since it only works in the preparation I assing it to a local variable (let's say: URL). When I link to another screen I set an inputVar in that screen (let's say: previousURL) and on the like I set the URL to be the previousURL parameter.

When you're on the next screen you can simple add a link or button to an action which uses the ExternalURL widget to redirect the user to the previousURL.

Kind regards,
If i try to assign GetBookmarkableURL() to a local variable in preparation i get ununvailable context in that variable
Hello Filipe,

Unavailable context in the debugger or as an error?

When you use the GetBookmarkableURL() and assign it to an variable you can show that variable in the screen and you should be able to see the url, does that work?

Kind regards,