[CKEditor] How to insert side by side images in CKEditor
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I am not a developer but business analyst performing testing using CKEditor in an outsystems app.  I have been unable to figure out how to insert side by side images.  the workaround I have is to insert a two column one row table and put each image in it's own cell.  I have tried to do it the 'logical' way but it treats the right side of the first image as starting a new paragraph (hard to explain sorry).

Putting the images in a row with 2 columns is the quickest and easiest way. There are some other things you can do with editing the HTML directly and manipulating the sizes of containers and objects, but they are all much more tech-heavy than simply using a table and setting the borders on that table to 0px so that it is not visible.

If you need further assistance for your specific use case feel free to reach out!

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Thanks for the response - much appreciated.  i will stick with the table option - hadn't thought about making the table lines not visible - great suggestion - thanks.


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