Run Agile on Windows 7 Ultimate with Dyn DNS

Run Agile on Windows 7 Ultimate with Dyn DNS

Could someone please guide me how to setuo Agile on Windows 7 Ultimate as Server and for to run on Dynamic DNS.

I activated IIS already, as well as the Dyn DNS service with my Domain provider. The Dyn DNS Client works just fine. I also had done the port forwarding on my ModemRouter for Port 80, 443 and 21 to the "Server".

Anything else I need to do?

Thanks for any advice.
Presumably you want to access websites running on your PC from computers on other networks?

Windows Firewall may need configuring to allow those ports to be opened, otherwise it may still ignore the requests you're getting through the modem router.

You should be able to test it by going on an external computer and using the IP address of your home router, if you're not sure if the DynDNS stuff is correct.
Thanks for the answer.

No, not Websites, for that I've my Linux Host server! 

I want to run the Agile Platform from that "Server" to test apps which I may create in the Agile system.

Question is:
  1. What all I need to install and setup prior the Agile Platform?
  2. What Ports I've to open in my Router?
  3. Do I need to install SQL Server opr will MySQL do the job?
  4. Any other Programs I need to install?
I didn't run a Firwall on that "Server" yet and may wouldn't later. If I would run a Firewall I would use Smoothwall on it's own machine.

As I wrote, the Dynamic DNS is just working fine and setup correctly. I use one of my owen Domains which is free at the moment. My Hosting Servers are running on Linux, so I could not use them, instead I like to use a local Windows 7 Ultimate Machine which barly used at my office. 

I would like to create Apps for Mobile Device, mainly Android with this system.

Thanks for any more info
Hi Quax,

I recommend you read the System Requirements document and Checklist document.

Quick answer is you need port 80 accessible (and 443 if you install a certificate and allow access to https in IIS).
As for the sql you the platform currently supports MSSQL or an Oracle database.

João Rosado
Ok and thanks for the answer.

That means I've to get MS SQL Server for to install first. The port forwarding of Port 80 and 443 done already. Will read the suggested document now and carry on with installation hoping all will go just fine.

If I've any more question, and I think I will, I'll ask again.

Thanks for the help, it's very appreciated.

Question: I own Windows Server 2003 Web Edition 32bit, could I use that version for Agile Server Platform? 
As I didn't use that version in any server, I could easy setup an server special for Agile. And save the cost for an new Windows Server License of course, which is quite important as well!!