Outsystems suitable for web sites?

Hi  - I'm new to Outsystems, was wondering if it was suitable for general web site development? If so, is Outsystem's own website developed using their own software?


That's true, the OutSystems website (including this forum) is developed using the Agile Platform. You can take a look at some case studies here:
Hi there,

As Ricardo said, the OutSystems corporate website and community website have been both built with the Agile Platform. 

In response to your question, I would say that it really depends on what kind of website you need to implement.
If you need to develop a dynamic or transactional website, I'd say that the platform is a great choice (especially if your website needs to integrate with other internal systems). If it is a relatively static set of pages then the platform might be a too powerful for what you need.

BTW, I'm the guy in charge of the OutSystems websites, so if you have any specific details you'd like to discuss feel free to PM me.