Are AMD CPU's supported by Agility?

Are AMD CPU's supported by Agility?

As the titel says: Are AMD CPU's supported by Agil Platform as Ser Platform Server?

I obtained a Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard License to tady for to use for the Agile Platform Server because Windows Server 2003 Web Edition seems not to be supported.

I were able the get Application Server Role to run on the Web Edition but were unable to manage or change somew setting etc., so I was getting server 2008 R2 Standard.

Now I'm finish installing on an AMD Computer because I didn't have an Intel available. All Updates are done as well, me think and I would like to start to configure now and get ready to install Agile Paltform Server.

It would be very appreciated if I could shortly get an answer the AMD CPU is supported and works or not.

Thanks a lot. 
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I've previously installed the Community Edition in an AMD machine with no problems. As long as you have a CPU equivalent (in performance) to the ones mentioned in the System Requirements document (see below), it shouldn't matter. But maybe someone can confirm this later...

You can download the Agile Platform 6.0 - System Requirements here:

Paulo Ramos
I using an Athlon 5200 X2 ( 2 x 2.6GHz) which should be Ok, I'm now on configuring the Platform Server. Let see how it will go!

Thanks a lot for the info.

Cheers from Thailand