Configure Server 2008 R2 for Agile Platform and get Access Denied Error

Now I'm in the process to configure Server 2008 R2 Standard for Agile Platform Server using the Install Checklist (last edition).

While configure Internet Information Services I get on Point 4 of the Checklist an Access Denied Error while try to save the changes. If using Notepad ++ 5.9.62 I get the error that the file Machine.config is in use.

The file itself isn't ReadOnly or Hidden. 

So how I could get around that problem?

Thanks for any help.
I was just try to get it work in Safe Mode: Impossible, same error!

Any Idea?

All other config went OK. The only exception ist the error I posted in OP.

One more question: What of the SQL Client tools for MS SQL Server Express need to be installed? There isan't any explanation for that.

Thanks a lot
Hello Quax,

Try to run Notepad as Administrator. Doing that will allow you to save the changes you've made. If you want to use Notepad ++, first try to stop IIS (cmd->iisreset.exe /stop). Then you can start IIS again (cmd-> iisreset.exe /start).

Regarding your second question, since Microsoft SQL Server client tools are not a mandatory step I advise you to move forward over that step, unless you really need them. But you can always install that component in the future.

Kind regards,
Ivo Gonçalves
I'd try that already, both and it didn't work! Even running the Sewrver in Safe Mode, will bring up that error and I couldn't change or edit the file. Everything else so far went just OK.

Thanks for the answer and best regards from  Thailand.
OK, everything done now. The platform Server run and an AMD Computer with Athlon CPU X2 5200 (2 x 2.6GHz), 6 GB Memory, MB AsRock A790GXH-128M, 200GB Hdd , internal Graphic using the 128MB Sideport Memory only. OS: MS Windows Server 2008 R2 64bit Standard.
I haven't the Server connected to the Internet, or better: not run as an WebServer accessible over the Internet yet. I'll connect within the next few days after done all other install I'll run from that server.Locally I could easy connect via my Network to the Agile Server Platform, so all should be OK regarding Agile Server Platform.

As I've to run my business and own working for my company as well, my time is a bit limited and it will need some time before I'll come up with something. Priority will be the Learning Curve first. And I think I'll have a lot to learn.

Anyway thanks to Outsystems for to give access to the Platform and thanks to the Staff on this forum as well for all the information available which had and will help a lot.

Best regards from Thailand

Let us know how it goes. Be sure to try the tutorials (how-to's) in Service Studio, they are great way of introducing some of the basic concepts and methods.

Regards from Portugal,
Thanks for that.

Unfortunately I have doubt that this system is what we could afford because of it's price. And I already found out that the Community Edition isn't enough for us.

It's not because of the system isn't good enough, it's because of the cost, to be very clear. I'll wait for the answer of an e-mail send to outsystems to see what we maybe could do if any.

Thanks a lot.