Agile Platform Server

Agile Platform Server

Get more confused: Where to get the PlatformServer-M.m.b.r.exe for to install and setup the Platform Server on Windows Server 2008 R2?

I was try to find that file but couldn't! 

All I got were: OutSystems-AgilePlatform-Full-Setup.exe and: OutSystems-AgilePlatform-Setup.exe

In Checklist for Agile Paltform Server Installation only the file: PlatformServer-M.m.b.r.exe is mentioned.

Could someone please explain ASAP?

Thanks a lot.
Several more not correct in Checklist for Agile Paltform Server Installation!

After installing the Paltform Server, I was going to configure the Server using Configure Paltform Server settings with the Configuration Tool - Session State Database.

The last 3 required points: 
  1. Install Service Center
  2. Install Service Studio
  3. Install Integration Studio

pointing to files which do not exist which are:
  1. SCInstall.bat
  2. ServiceStudio-M.m.b.r.exe
  3. IntegrationStudio-M.m.b.r.exe

Could somebody please instruct me how to do that 3 required installs?

Thanks, and please this is urgent!

Hello Quax,

OutSystems Agile Platform have 3 different components:

  1. Service Studio;
  2. Integration Studio;
  3. Platform Server;

The version that you are trying to install already have those 3 components. When you run the installer it will do all the steps, described on the Installation Checklist, automatically.

If you want to follow step-by-step the installation checklist you've to download those 3 components from the following link:

Kind regards,
Ivo Gonçalves

Er....! That have to know before installing!! May it should be mentioned in the Cecklist! I used the last checklist available!

Anyway, thanks a lot for that info, so I could carry on now.