translate business request into business rules

translate business request into business rules


Dear Outsysems supporters,

Is anyone of you aware of a software tool to translate business request into business rules
that can be the base for programming outsystems.

We want to record the market request interview taken from the customer and translate them into writen business rules
that will be the base for documenting and programming outsystems.

F.i. It should be the base to help us reuse (partly) existing functionalities

kind regards,
dop hegger

Hmm this sounds interesting.
Does any of you know a program for this?

With kind regards,
what kind of input/output do you expect, can you give an example?
I guess he want to see the every step a webscreen makes on paper.
Like, you add an article and if you choose option 1 you have these options and so on.

Just completly a view of every step the program makes.

Atleast thats what I think he means.
Pivotal Tracker is a great tool for recording user stories then organising your agile development, if that's the kind of thing you mean?
Thanks I will look into that program.
The program looks like somehting I was searching for, thank you very much!
No worries!
Iain Fogg wrote:
No worries!
 Be happy! :)