What that?

I downloaded the Free Apps Directory and the counter was jumping form 5% to 6o% of the available Software Units and downloaded furteher the Free Apps Documents and the counter stays now by 100%!

Could someone explain what that really means? For me it looks like I could work with just 2 Apps in the Community Edition and that's all!

Thanks for any info. 
I use the community edition too and had a similar problem at first.  Basically, the software units you use depend on what you do to your app.  I currently have 3 apps running and am using 60% of my software units. 

Here's a link I found when I was first starting to use OutSystems that explains how the software units are counted:
Agile Platform 6.0 - Software Units (http://www.outsystems.com/community/download.aspx?DocumentId=656)

Good Luck!  Tonya
Thanks for the answer. I really have doubt that this platform is reliable enough for me. Just send an e-mail to support ask for more infos about the pricing. But if I see the cost for the Enterprise with Euro 15,000.00 that's just impossible for us to spend and that every year.

For Euro 15,000.00, which are Thai Baht 625,000.00 you get a new House in Thailand!