Pwa on application resume and ready

Can you use on application ready/resume system events in a PWA?



The simple answer is yes, But Why don't you create an application and give it a try?


Do you have any insight if there are any limitations on IOS, PWA and OnApplicationResume?. Tried to build an app, but the OnApplicationResume does not trigger..

Hello Kim,

There shouldn't be any limitations for this event, I'm using it all the time (for iOS and Android apps - IPA and APK/AAB files).

Why do you say it's not triggering?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

I've made an simple mobile app, I distribute it as an PWA (not native thru Appstore og Google Play).

Add the OnApplicationResume event, and some simple logic to the event. i.e Display message or write a log entry or some other simple stuff.

I can't get it to trigger the OnApplicationResume event. Not with my IOS device, nor debugging. (OnApplicationReady works as expected)

What I'm actually trying to achieve is this:

We have a PWA that acts like a launch portal for other PWA's. If we log into the portal and start an app, we have one with personal sensitive data. If the phone is locked, or if the user moves between other apps on the device, I need to make sure that if the app with the sensitive data is reactivated the user should be asked for a pin code. 

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