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Published on 2012-05-13 by Tiago Simões
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Published on 2012-05-13 by Tiago Simões
LOL Joop. Must bring your post to the big corp's attention to see if we can get free burgers for life. :)
Hi All,

Finally the recording from the NextStep presentation on Service Studio Tips and Tricks.
Here are the contents if you want to jump directly to any section

  1. Intro and Agenda
  2. A Bit of History
  3. Keyboard Shortcuts
  4. Drag and Drop
  5. Other Tricks
  6. Stealing Patterns
  7. The Best Tip of All

Tiago Simões
1 hour :O

Must be a lot of tricks :)
Love "the best tip of all"!!
I've just seen the video now...
In less than a year with OutSystems I feel I've come a long way. I started getting involved, asking and sharing back what I was learning, looking for answers to doubts that both myself and others had  - I noticed afterwards I was on the fast lane to mastering OutSystems - still on the way to that destination...

I see I've been following your tip. Thank you for sharing!

PS: I have much to do besides OutSystems ;)
Hi Tiago,

Yup, that last tip is definitely something you've been following, and the community is an even better place because of it.

Keep up that great work.

Tiago Simões 
Hi Tiago,

I am greatful for your words and encouragement! For real.
I will do my best.