Implementing a Dynamic Calendar with Color-coded Dates in a Mobile App
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I need your guidance and support in implementing a dynamic calendar feature for a mobile application. The calendar should visually distinguish between reserved and available dates, allowing users to easily reserve or select specific dates.

Here are the functionalities I would like the calendar to have:

1. Reserved Dates: Dates that are already reserved should be displayed in red color, and users should not be able to choose them.

2. Available Dates: Dates that are not reserved should be displayed in white color, and users can select any available date.

3. Selected Date: Once a user chooses a date, it should be highlighted in green color.

Is there any relevant tools or sample code snippets that demonstrate how to achieve this dynamic calendar? and if you could suggest any best practices related to this implementation would be highly valued.

Thank you

Hi Assail,

Did you check this? 


Hope this helps.



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