TRICKS & TIPS for FrontEnd html/css developers?

TRICKS & TIPS for FrontEnd html/css developers?

Are they any documents/guidelines/tips available for frontend html/css developers? so that they know how to keep intelliwarp working when implmenting a custom UI/UX?

Hello Robert,

In mine opion, it depending on the custom UI/UX.

At mine customer I must keep doing everything manually :(.

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It all depends on how complex the UI/UX will be your developers are creating.

If you explain them how the intelliwarp functions and show them the current layout_normal they should know their boudaries.
Give them the CSS currently available to work on.

And otherwise go into discussion over the design the propose to you.

It all depends on how strong you are in convincing them that they should stick to the Outsystems layout :-)
If you have a look at Themes/<themename> you will find a list of web blocks that intelliwarp uses, however how does intelliwarp know where is the main content area? where is the title, where is the actions place holder?

Do you need to have a specific css tag name? 
Hi Robert,

If you create a new application from scratch and go to the "Common" screen flow you'll find the "Layout_Normal" webblock, this is the one used as the base for new webscreens you create.
In this one you have all the default placeholders, and you can create your own new ones, and each of these placeholders has its own CSS class.
You can freely drag them and re-arrange them as you please.

Is this what you wanted to know?

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