Provisioning a new tenant in agileplatform 7

We have been anxiously awaiting agileplatform 7 to see if the multi-tenancy had improved to the point of allowing us to purchase the product.  I downloaded and installed the trial version of 7 and created a multi-tenant application.  The administrative features don't seem to be all in place.  Provisioning a tenant doesn't include creating initial users?
How do you fully provision new tenants in a multi-tenant application?  Once in place, does this feature automatically work: ( mentioned in ) By logging in with a tenant administrator end-user, you're automatically allowed to manage end-users of that tenant and their permissions

Does debugging a multi-tenant application work?

Thank you
Update:  I have found the oml for the back-office:
The provided oml doesn't work:  Intellectual Property Error

You are trying to Upload or Publish an eSpace whose Intellectual Property is Protected, since it was created in a different Agile Platform Infrastructure than ''localhost''. To obtain the Intellectual Property Rights for using this eSpace in ''localhost'' Infrastructure, please go to OutSystems' Intellectual Property Services at ''.


The new zip file with IPP-free resources has just been uploaded.
Please try it out.


Were you able to determine whether version 7 multi-tenancy had the features you needed for your project?

We are also considering a purchase and are looking for feedback from the community on multi-tenancy and performance.



We've got a technical note about Multi-tenancy in the Agile Platform.
It explains how to implement Multi-tenant applications in the Platform and includes an example.
You can check it out here.
We hope it helps you out on the evaluation of our Multi-tenancy offer in the Platform.
In case you have more questions, please feel free to post them and we'll be glad to answer.

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Jaime Vasconcelos