Contract Mobile App Development

Contract Mobile App Development

Hi Guys,

I am looking for a Agile Platform developer to build a mobile app, that will integrate with my current espace.

We are looking for something that can do all of the features of the following app:

My company requires the development of a system that will allow the user to create Forms for data capture.
The Forms can be designed by the user, with the option to add:

- Date and Time fields
- Labels
- Radio Button Choices
- Checkbox choices
- Text Box
- Essay Text Box
- Drawing Box
- Signature Box
- Media Capture (take a photo)
- Find my location (GPS)

I have created the systems already using Agile platform, however this uses a third-party API for the data capture and form design. This app will use the current espace for table reference (such as users, roles, look-up tables etc)

I will need to have all all the features from the app (see link above) plus some minor improvements.

Anyone interested?

Robbie -

I may be interested. Please contact me at and we can set up a meeting to discuss the project in depth.


- Justin
Hi Robbie,

Take a look at our website ( and drop me an email and we can discuss the project in more detail.


Simon Lee
Locassa Ltd | CEO
Hi Robbie,

I am interested please drop me a line or we can as well discuss on the project if you could  provide me with your contact number or
you can  reach me on  my email or call me for discussion

looking forward for your reply

Larry wells