[Discovery] Error capturing a snapshot on Discovery
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Hello guys!

I have installed Discovery V6.0.2, however, I am having trouble when I try to capture a snapshot.

I got this error: "There was an error generating the snapshot. Please check the logs for more information.". And viewing the Logs I saw only this message: "Error executing query. Error in advanced query RemoveDuplicates in SnapshotProcess in DiscoveryProbe (DELETE FROM {ElementNode}  WHERE {ElementNode}.[Id] NOT IN      (SELECT MIN({ElementNode}.[Id])      FROM {ElementNode}      GROUP BY {ElementNode}.[Kind], {ElementNode}.[SSKey], {ElementNode}.[ModuleDefId], {ElementNode}.[SnapShotId])  ): Execution Timeout Expired.  The timeout period elapsed prior to completion of the operation or the server is not responding. The statement has been terminated.".

That way, the big_picture page shows 0 for applications and modules and no snapshot generated, but in prior versions of Discovery, like in V5.1.4, it worked well. By the way, right after first deployment of this new version, I was able to see in big_picture page the right count of applications and modules.

I have located the above query in Service Studio and I have run it (by Test SQL button) and it ran fast. So I do not know what is happening. 

Could you, please give some help?

Kind regards,


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