how to apply sort on calculation attribute?

 i am using this type of sorting on calculative attributes. 

but this sorting not working on calculating attributes 


When you have calculated attributes, the output of the aggregate will be only these attributes until you group by the other ones that you need. 

So, in order to sort by UpdatedOn you need to group by this attribute.


hi Bruno, 
      i have made this updatedon calculative attribute, when i use dyanamic sort and select the attribute then it works, but not on directly table sort


Can you please elaborate when it is not working. What mean when you say, select the attribute then it works, but not on directly table sort ? Where is problem , on UI when you click column is it not getting sorted or in Service studio ?

Hi Puja,

actually when we create calculative attribute input table sort doesnt work. for example i have created calculative attribute group by for updated on and after this the table sort wont work. but without group by it works fine. can you please help how to do this?



Hi @Prince Aadil Khan Panwar ,

first of all, it is not entirely clear what type of attribute you are talking about, you say 'calculated attribute' but I think you mean aggregated attribute (as in part of a group by), right ?

I think there is a bug in the aggregate node (at least there used to be) where he is confused if you add grouping after sorting.  The fix for that bug, was to remove the dynamic sort sort option (with Tablesort) from the aggregate definition, and then add it right back.


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