Problem with the SQL database

Problem with the SQL database


I have a problem with my database.
I went from 1 computer to the other computer with the outsystems server and the Database.

Now when I want to load my backup of my sql into my new server I get the following message:

The backup is from data base sql 2008 and the one I want to load it on is sql 2008 R2.
What is the problem with these 2 databases what causes this failure?

I have tried connecting through the network to the other server to use that database, but
when i connect to the other computer I get the message that it cannot connect.

I hope one of you can help me with this problem because in 2 days this database needs to be running.
And I'm stuck now for the moment. :S

With kind regards,
Hi Daan,

That message seems to indicate that you may have not detatched the DB from the other SQL Server (2008 R1).

Can you double-check that?

Hello Daan

The is that the local database named outsystems still has connections using it, and the restore operation will not be able to get exclusive access to the database beucase is still in use.

The solution is to stop the OutSystems service and the local IIS as well, and then attempt to restore the database.

To stop the OutSystems Services, don't use the Stop Services in the start menu since this will also stop the SQL Server. Instead, access the system services (Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services) and stop the following 7 Services:

- IIS Admin Service

- OutSystems SMS Connector Service
- OutSystems Scheduler Service
- OutSystems Deployment Service
- OutSystems Log Service
- OutSystems Deployment Controller Service

- World Wide Web Publishing Service

I've highlighted the services on the images above.

Then restore the database again. At this point, you might have a database from a different environment, so starting the services might not ready to start. Nevertheless,  after the database has been restored, you can start the services by running Start Menu -> Programs -> OutSystems -> Administration Tools -> Start Services. If all configurations match, this might work.

If not, then I strongly recommend to follow the steps described on the technical note.


Miguel Simões João
Hi Miquel,

That helped! I restored the database succesfully!
Thank you very much!

With kind regards,