Meet OutShare 2011 Winner: João Rato!

One of my personal highlights for NextStep 2012 was finally meeting João Rato in person.

Who is João Rato, you may ask? First and foremost, João is one of the main developers of the Município de Pombal (a Portuguese Municipality) intranet, a multi-purpose system continuously being developed in the OutSystems technology that it just so happens has already been awarded an Agility Award in 2011.

João came to our attention when he first became the person with most points in a quarter and then moved on to become the TOP OutShare participant for 2011! This won him a free stay in Lisbon to attend NextStep and a brand spanking new iPad 3 so he can test all the new Agile Platform 7.0 development improvements!

Not only that, it turns out João is also a great guy to boot! Great attitude, friendly demeanour, broad smile… everything you come to expect from a person that works with great technology, I guess. :)

Seriously, though, people like João are always a credit to the community they are a part of, and I would like to take the opportunity to thank him for being such an avid OutSystems ambassador!

OutShare 2011 Winner Award
OutShare 2011 Winner: João Rato (with Mike Jones and Miguel Melo)

Could you be the 2012 winner? There's still plenty of time to join up: just make sure you head to the OutShare page and start inviting your friends to try the Agile Platform!


Haha! João is a great guy to hang out with indeed.
Congratulations once again João!

(Care to trade your iPad 3 with my iPad 2? I can assure you the iPad2 is A LOT BETTER, because of... err... well... do we have a deal?)
I just "remembered" (*whistle*)... After that we decided to grab a couple of beers nearby. :D
We didn't even give him a chance to open the iPad box that day, haha.

From left to right: Bruno Rodrigues, Vera Pereira, António Chinita and João Rato
There's no right, damn it! Where was i when this photo have been taken?! :) 
Well done. We knew you could do it!
OutSystems ambassador  LOL, very good
Thank you Miguel for the nice words. I hope that my effort had positive results.
Chinita, you don't said that Vera are trying hide the beer :)
Nuno, don´t worry because a drank one beer for you :) You do not need to say thanks ;)

Best regards