Database error

Hi There,

I have been busy with the database and essentially decided that I will start again with a clean database.
I made all the connections and tables correctly (I think).

When I want to add a new item I get this error:

I have granted every permissions in the configuration tool and checked them manually too.
I hope one of you knows what I might be doing wrong.

With kind regards,
Hi Daan,

It's a bit hard to help you without knowing what you did on the database :/

But from that error, your insert is trying to set a value on SupplierItem1.EntityId that does not exist on the Entity1.Id

João Rosado
Hi João,

Well I had a filled in database, this one was not correctly imported and with that database I managed to screw up the whole localhost.
Thats why I have started with a new database (Sql database named "Outsystems_" instead of "Outsystems")

I did the create or upgrade database option in the configuration tool to make all the tables.
I allso created the correct permissions.

But when I want to ad a new "Supplieritem" I gives out an Id, this Id is connected to the entity, so when you are an entity you can look into the supplieritems.
Only when I want to make such a product it gives me this error.

It did work in the previous database, and I compared all options and they are all the same.
Thats where I'm stuck now, because I do not see where to look anymore to solve this problem.

Is this enough information or do you need something else? I can send you a screenshot of the database tables and stuff if you want to?

With kind regards,