Deleting OutSystems Apps Sample Data


OutSystems has several applications that can be installed in user sandboxes (or local servers), and that share common data. This shared data is stored in two “special” applications called “CRM Services” and “Internet Services”.

In order to delete an application’s sample data, you have to go to that application’s back office, usually visible in the “import your own data” link, and click in the “Delete All Data” button.

This action not only deletes the application’s private data but also tries to delete the shared data of the common lower-level applications (CRM Services and Internet Services).
Please note that, since this common data is shared by more than one application, it is possible that it cannot be deleted causing the user to get a warning message:

Therefore, in order to delete shared data such as “Employees” we have to delete the sample data of all (!) applications that use it.
As an example, let’s consider that we install both the “Directory” and “Vacations” applications that share data from “Internet Services”. If we delete the Directory data, local (and private) data such as employee pictures will be deleted but we will not be able to delete shared data because it is being used by the Vacations application. Only when we then decide to delete Vacations sample data, all this shared information (that is finally not being used anywhere) will be permanently deleted.

Please Note: this process will only work if no application customization is done. If you create a new entity that references these application entities, you will not be able to automatically delete those application’s sample data due to the new DB constraints. Moreover, if additional data attributes are added to the stock applications’ entities, the data in these attributes will also be removed when dropping the sample data.

Best Regards,
Vasco Pessanha