ServiceStudio 7 : How to create a blank eSpace

ServiceStudio 7 : How to create a blank eSpace

The UI of ServiceStudio has changed a lot ... don't know yet if this is improvement or decrease in functionality.
Don't like the way you've to open an eSpece, was much better in v6 (just click on the icon)

But now my question: where can I create a blank (independent) eSpace ??
Creating a new application now seems to simply create a holder for eSpaces, rather than an an actual eSpace as it used to in v6. In that new application, there's now a New eSpace Module button - that button creates an eSpace similar to the old 'New Application' button. Also, if you mouse over that button, you can also create a mobile eSpace or a totally empty eSpace as well, that will also live in that application.

Is that any help?
Hi Joop,

In 7.0 all eSpaces and extensions need to be included in an Application.
To create a blank eSpace, enter (or create) an application that best represent the component you want to create, use the drop down next to the "New eSpace Module" and select "New Blank eSpace Module".

In 6.0 the Applications were a very "loose" concept, were 1 eSpace was the application and had dependencies.
Now the model is very improved to allow the concept of Application as a set of modules. So, there is no 1to1 relation between Application<->eSpace anymore.

Actually, just a little correction: the first module of an application creates a eSpace similar to the "Application like" eSpace from 6.0, after that the button creates modules related to the first one. (As in, sharing the Theme and Layouts)

Btw, on the topic of creating Blank eSpaces. I recommend to never set the correct User Provider used in your server (instead of the default "Current eSpace"), even if it is not user related logic.

João Rosado
@Joao: it's madness to have a blank eSpace connected to an application.
What if i want to design a reusable component ... it does not need to be connected.

It was possible to create a simple blank eSpace from 4.2 up to 6.0 so why this change ?
I really don't understand some of the changes outsystems made to it UI in ServiceStudio ...
Hi Joop,

It's not madness, It's a good practice.
It is NOT possible my any means to have an eSpace or extension not associated with an application.
One eSpace belongs to 1 (and only 1) application.

If you want to create reusable components you need to create an application and put your eSpace there.
For example you can have a "Components" application with all your extra stuff, but I recommend you create stuff a bit more specific since it helps alot on the staging processes.

Your eSpace does not need to be connected with anything, but needs to be inside an application.

The design options we made are mainly to provide better architectural support for development, and help during the staging processes on big instalations.
We want to help users to follow best practices of development and creating a structured architecture is the base of it.

In the Next Step the was a very nice presentation by Francisco Menezes about architecture, that backs the idea that there is simple no "loose" components.

Check out the presentation "The Art of Designing OutSystems Architectures"

Even at the lower levels of the architecture, where you have the reusable items, you have "Infrastructure Services", where each service can be composed by one or more eSpaces/Extensions.

Try to download one OutSystems App from the catalog. You can see there the examples of that (they were upgraded to this new model).
Most of those applications bring extra "Services" applications like "CRM Services", "Intranet Services", "GraphViz Services".

João Rosado