[ServiceStudio v7] Updating resources doesn't work

[ServiceStudio v7] Updating resources doesn't work

When I change a resource lets say a JS file, with the same name, it doesn't publish the newer file to the server.
What can I do to force an update ?
Hi Joop,
That may be due to the content expiration header in IIS. One option may be to deactivate them for that file, another would be to do as the platform does and put a suffix (e.g. .../yourfile.js?1234) in the place you are using it and then change that suffix whenever you change the file.
Tiago Simões
Hi Joop,

If it's not the problem tiago said and you are able to reproduce the problem I sugest you to submit an issue with it.

Anyway, read my suggestions on how to add javascript to your eSpace here without using it as resources.

João Rosado
Tiago and João: this has been a problem since v5.0 I've already submitted several isseus about this to support.

The platform simply does NOT update the physical fule on the server !!
So I can add another suffix, but if the physical file is the same, that won't do the trick.

Even If I delete the eSpace in ServiceCenter and then publish the eSpace again, the old file (JS or CSS)  is still there

Please, please check it out
Hi Joop,

I Have tried to reproduce the described behavior but without success (in revision 6.0 and 7.0).
I have cretaed an eSpace with a .js file as recourse and publish it, access the file, after this I changed the the file, keeping its name ("change recourse.." option) and publish again. the new file was the one returned.

Which version/revision are you using?
Can you provide the steps used to reproduce this misbehavior?

Best regards,
Renato Gonçalves
Renato, several versions of 5, 6 and now also with 7
Same as what you do.
And for CSS especially if you have CSS on webblock beside the normal CSS
Can you try to access the recource file with a random token, intead of <application>/test.js access <application>/test.js?123 does this result in the same behavior?

Best regards,
Renato Gonçalves