Single Server Deployment Zone without the use of a load balancer
Platform Version
11.18.1 (Build 38276)

We are in the process of installing a new Deployment Zone in addition to the already existing (global) zone - the global zone consists of a Load Balancer and 6 FE servers - it's a farm setup.  We would like to begin the new deployment zone as simple as possible - so we only want the new deployment zone (let's call it External) to consist of a single front end server (we will not use a load balancer yet).

The deployment zones reference states that it should be 'enough' to have either the hostname of the server or the IP as the [Deployment Zone Address] - but trying to set either of those when creating the deployment zone and pressing the [Test Configuration] button - results in the following warning:

Has anyone written down the requirements for creating a single-server deployment zone? And is this really supported (since Service Center seems to require a FQDN).


Hello Raven,

You can indeed use just the hostname of the single front-end server that you have associated with that deployment zone, but you must make sure that in other front-end servers it resolves correctly to that single server. The error that you have is most likely related to that 

Anyway, I recommend that you use the FQDN of the server because if you want to enable the HTTPS option in that screen it will be easier to have a certificate in the server that matches hostname.example.com (with a wildcard certificate for *.example.com) than only for the hostname (would only be possible with a self signed certificate, which are not supported).

Hi Sérgio,

That was a really helpfull advice. I have used hosts file on all 7 FrontEnds to resolve to xxx.domain.net and installed an appropriate *. certificate that matches on all 7. (The new server is not part of the same domain - it's actually not part of any domain).

Now I have a new problem - I can deploy my Outsystems Applications from LifeTime into this new Deployment Zone and it arrives fine... But Service Center is completely missing on this new FrontEnd server.. But that is another problem that I will post in the forum. I will mark your response as solution.

Thank you very much.

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