Hi guys, thought I'd share with you a little piece of code I put together.
Sometimes, when building a solution, a lot of unwanted eSpaces come along that would overwrite stuff or simply make the solution heavier than it needs to be for some specific purpose. Sometimes I needed to remove stuff from a generated solution and had to do it manually, after a few times I got tired. :)

Attached is a little program (+source code) that allows you to remove components from s solution file.

Hope it's useful to someone else. :)
And here's the source. (Attached)
Hi António,

Wouldn't the solution download without dependencies do exactly the same?
I see System Components there on your screenshot, that at least those should not be components of it.

João Rosado
João you're right,
but sometimes I check the "Include dependencies as components", then I have to create another version of the solution... and a version for each specific situation. Since these specific situations aren't that common, I found it easier to just edit an existing solution to suit my needs instead of creating versions :)
I tried to edit a solution pack, and uploaded it to ServiceCenter, after uploading ServiceCenter gives "Unable to open Solution Pack for reading."

Is there a updated version of this app?