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Forge component by Gonçalo Martins

When working with the Outsytems platform I have noticed that none of the elements in the OutsystemsUI module have been translated into Dutch.

I have filed out all the Language records in a excel file in the hope that it can be implemented into the module.

This would save people time with having to manually fix the translations.

I hope this is possible to implement.


Hi Aranka,

I'm pretty sure that we use OutSystemsUI and have all the Dutch translations. Do you use the nl-NL locale elsewhere in your app, or do you just fill in Dutch as the en-US locale?

Hi Kilian,

We have added the Locale to 2 apps and noticed that the paging was still english.
Then when we opened the OutSystemsUI files and looked at the other languages it was empty except for a few (French, Portugese, German)

I have also checked on my personal environment which also showed empty (using the 2.16.0 version)

We have not filled in the en-US locale in dutch.

Hope this clears it up a little bit.

I just did a short test, and it seems you're right! Wierd, I thought I have seen Dutch translations in the past. I'll ask around, thanks for reporting this.

EDIT: The Dutch translations were in Traditional Web, not Reactive.

Hi Aranka,

I've just got word from OutSystems that the next OutSystems UI release (scheduled to be released mid-September) will contain Dutch translations.

Oh that is great!! So it was already on the radar?
Looking forward to getting that update.

Yup, Dutch and a bunch of other languages will be added. I'm curious whether your translations are similar to the ones they have picked :).

Same, will be comparing them and see if I can also improve my wording! 
Only been working with Outsystems for a little more of a month so lots to see.

Thank you for letting me know :D

You're most welcome, and have lots of fun with your OutSystems journey!

Too bad that we are now stuck with this translation

Even when the records in the table are about clients or orders (or whatever), we are now calling them "artikelen".

And "naar" is also a bit strange.

Totally agree, these are bad translations. Luckily it had been noted already, and OutSystems is going to fix it.

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