I am at V. 51 and have no v.6 environment, but i've SS when i try to download one of yours apps i'm always requested for connect to one server.

There's no way to open this espace without connecting to one server?

If not! can you send me the oml or the osp Campaigns application please?
Try opening SS, doing "Cancel" when it asks to connect, then opening the file from there?

Sorry Justin but that is not my question.

I want to download Campaigns app, but since i have not a server i'm not allowed to do so...
Can you provide the oml file for me?
I don't have a 6.0 server available to me at the moment.

I highly suggest installing a server on the local machine if you do not have any other one available. Using this tool without a Platform Server is not going to work well since a lot of functionality will be missing.

Hi Justin

I just need the see the logic.. and how some features are built...

I'm working in a customized campaign app version, since i don't have a 6.0 server available also i don't intend to it working.

Thanks anyway

 Hi João,

Can you not just download SS 7.0 and do your experimentations against our free sandbox server?


How can i connect to it?
Hi João,

If, after installation, you didn't get a dialog to automatically activate a sandbox it's because you downloaded Service Studio here from the Downloads tab (which contains the SS set up for people to connect to their own server).

The simplest way is for you to (re) download Service Studio from http://www.outsystems.com/download/ and install over your current version. That way, when you next run it you'll get the sandbox creation wizard.


Thank you, now i've more than i needed!


João Inácio