Notification Email with record link and update value from email

How can I make a notification email of specific record to specific person (not a user) and allow them to update the value of that record via email link directly?


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- How can I generate a notification email link to specific email?

- How can use fill in "Status" and Remark(if needed) via the email link directly and auto update back the record? (For ppl who don't have the login)


Wanna add one email sending button and trigger above requirement


You can use the same type of procedure use to set a new password when the user lost it. 

Create an entity that has a field that links it to the work to be done (ex. Id from the record to update) and another field text (let´s call it Guid) that is index and unique. 

For each email create a "GUID" string and create a record in the entity referred before

The email link passes as parameter the GUID that correspond  to the email. 

The link calls a screen open to anonymus users but that verifies the guid and let the user  work only in the record correspondent to that GUID. 

Hope i made my idea clear.




1. First, you create a screen where the user can update the record, and information must be retrieved based on the parameters of the url.

2. Create the Record Link; this is where you create a URL that includes parameters to identify the specific record you want to update. The email will include this URL.

3. Finally, URL parameter masking is required to avoid security issues.



Would you mind to attach a simple example for my reference? As I m new here. Thank you so much.

I have attached a sample OML for your reference. Please let me know if you require any help.


Hi, Narendra. I got some error.

1. Firstly I would like to add a new record first on the table, but got "Request failed with status 502" when I pressed "Save". and cant create record.

2. For those existing record, I press send email and email can be sent. But got another error when I clicked "Update Status" 

So, kindly advise any problem with the Save button logic or other parts. 


Please find the updated OML; saving and updating are both functional. 

If email is sending having error at your end, then the server's SMTP configuration needs to be verified. You can refer this: configure_outsystems_to_send_emails

Let me know if you still facing any issue.




I can receive the email, but when I click the content "Update Status" , then got below error. Dunno if anything is missed on URL /Get Guid step

I understand your issue; it is just a URL problem. Please change the value of your URL parameter. It must have a complete path for your screen. You can try this: GetRequestDomain()+ "\Sample\UpdateCompany?CompanyId="+GUID

I created one record successfully  and click "send email", it can generate GUID now, but the page is blank, any thing is missing to direct that GUID to that record?

Also, how can a external user edit that record without login? Thanks.

The aggregate that was used to retrieve records based on the GUID must be checked.

Simply set your screen to be anonymous to allow external users access without logging in to allow them to perform the update.



I dun quite undertand. Would you mind to raise an example how to refer that GUID to the ID?

Also, for security purpose, after user save the record, can below function realize too?

- the URL will be expired

- if we send email for same record again,  can the GUID change for same record in next time?

Thank you so much.

1. You can use GUID in the aggregate filter.

2. You need to remove the new record creation check condition to generate a new GUID on the update. 

Sorry Narendra, can u attach the updated oml for my reference? I would like to check more on GUID aggregate part.


Sure. I will.

Hi @Winnie Lam,

If your issue has been resolved, kindly mark it as solved. This will assist others who may encounter the same issue.

Thanks for your help!

Hi Narendra, 

I have one more feature would like to be realized. Can I dim other unnecessary fields for the record and only allow the user who click the link to edit specific field? Thanks.

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