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How can I remove the space from the top (drawn in red). I am also providing the template layout

Ui suggestions 1.PNG
UI suggestions.PNG

Hi @Syeda Aliha Naeem

You can trace this space using inspect element in a browser where it is coming. based on that you can manage the CSS to remove this space from web page.



Which space you want to remove, still cant understand,

do you want to remove those place holders?

Yes all the placeholders but only in this screen


If you want this for specific screen, Then create a screen go to widget tree

from the widget tree Select the layout block from the top , now from the properties select the LayoutBase as shown in the screen shot attached

Other way 

Add this css 

.layout .main-content.ThemeGrid_Container {

    padding: unset;


.content-breadcrumbs {

    margin-bottom: unset;


.content-top-title, .content-top-actions {




Tousif Khan

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