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I am trying to resize containers inside other container and receiving a notice about "Use adaptive column layouts from OutSystems UI or flex layouts, and avoid using resized containers, to ensure correct pagination". 

Can this be removed?



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Hi Glenn. This is just a warning that will not be present at your final PDF.

The warning is quite helpful. If you resize your container using this method, it will use display: inline-block, and content inside inline-block may not be properly paginated by the browser. Namely, if the inline-block container is broken between two pages, the browser may cut a line of text (or other elements such as images) in two.

In your example, if the employee name happens to be positioned exactly at a page's bottom edge, the browser may break the name and print some pixels on page 1 and other pixels on page 2.

This is more relevant for column layouts that use inline-block, since the column layouts can easily span multiple pages. But it could also happen with small containers such as the one you've shown.

A workaround, as the warning mentions, is to use display-flex in the parent container, and then use flex1/flex2/flex3 classes on each children according to the proportions that each should take.

If your layout is simpler, for example 2 columns of equal width, then you can just use Columns2 block from OutSystems UI.

Hi Leonardo,

Thanks for the reply and explanation. I'll follow your instructions.


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