Wait activity behavior when Outsystems Platform is down

I have a BPT process containing a wait activity with a timeout set, when the timeout expires, then a case should be closed.

I was wondering what would happen if the platform was down when the timeout of the wait activity expired. Would the wait activity remain active making the process instance stuck at that step, or would it be closed once the platform is running again?

since no better informed person has answered yet in the past couple of days, just my guess :

I don't think there is documentation available about how the platform runs it's bpt software under the hood. 

I would imagine that they occasionally (every x seconds) check on all active waits to see if their time has come yet, and if so, close the wait and move the process to the next step.

So if the platform goes up after being down, the next time it is checked, your wait will possibly have passed it's due time, and will be closed and next step started.  

So I would think it doesn't get stuck, but picks back up, possibly delayed by the platform being down.


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