List manipulation Dynamic Dropdowns and  Dropdowns Tags with Button
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.54.22 (Build 62709)

I'm attempting to build a dynamic filter feature in my application. Here's what I aim to achieve:

1.Users can dynamically add a field name dropdown by clicking on a "+" button.

2.Based on the selected field name, a corresponding Dropdown Tags will appear for users to pick values.

3.The selected field name should be excluded from future dropdowns to prevent duplication.

4.New field name dropdowns should be influenced by previously selected filters.

I'm having trouble especially with dynamically adding and managing the Dropdown and Dropdown Tags based on user interactions. Can anyone provide guidance on how to manage the lists and dynamic creation of these elements?

Any examples or best practices would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!"


Dear Wang. Please post your questions in english. I added a translation to your additional post.

Thank you very much !I just edit it in English ,and if you have any solution to share ,I would be very grateful.

Hello Wang,

My first question on your first point is are you adding values to drop down on browser and then those values will be available in drop down for user to select?

For you next question:

To remove selected value from drop down please follow below steps:

1.  Create two local variable  which will hold the drop down list and map one local variable with the drop down widget and another one will get used in Drop down's OnChange action

2. Add OnChange action to your drop down with input parameter of selected value(Id or name)

3. Inside the Onchange action first check value is selected or not if yes then proceed with the logic if not then provide error message.

4. In the true case of above condition- add ListAppend with current selected value (like attached in the screen shot)

5.Now use List Index and the main list will be the one which is mapped with Drop down and add condition 

List.Value= InputParameter (Value selected in drop down)

6. Now use List Remove pass the the list which is mapped with drop down and position will be the listindex.position which is done in above step

7.Refresh the drow down widget now  and Done,

If still not understood then please share you OML, I'll have a look.

Hope this helps,


Thank you for your solution. Your suggestion addresses the third step, but the primary issue remains. I'm looking to use a button to add more dropdown and dropdownTags. The provided file demonstrates my current dropdown and dropdownTags. I'd like to add more dropdown and dropdownTags by clicking a "+" button as needed by the user. Do you have any suggestions

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