Drop Down with External Database
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.54.22 (Build 62709)
Platform Version
11.23.0 (Build 40636)


I have an application that uses a MySQL database for ALL data. I'm trying to see what the limitations and differences are between using built-in database of outsystems vs MySQL via integration builder.

The question I have is, how would I create a value list for a drop down menu on a form using a MySQL table to populate the drop down values? Normally if I wasn't using MySQL I would just use a static entity to build the value list, but I want to use a MySQL table to populate the value list instead. 

I'm unsure of how this can be done, I'm very new to Outsystems (maybe a week of working in it) and testing it to see if it's feasible for a company project. 

Thank you!

Hello Dan Phillips,

Create a Data Action on your screen/block and inside the action flow drag a advanced SQL widget and fetch the list of records which you want to show in your dropdown, assign the output of SQl to the output parameter of data action (make sure data type won't mis-match) now just bind your dropdown with the output parameter of data action. 

Fetch the values in Id:Label pair so it will further help you to perform CRUD operations.

Keep the fetch property of data action "On Start".

If you have any doubt, feel free to ask.

Please refer to the link below as well




Thank you, I will give this a try! 


Hi Dan,

I'm assuming you integrated MySQL database in outsystems now fetching data for drop-down you can use two methods:

1) create aggregate inside the screen and drag your mysql table in source of aggregate.

2) create data action inside the screen ans fetch data using Advance sql.

Hope it helps you




Not all dropdowns can always be bound to static tables, though. Sometimes we also need to bind it using a dynamic table. 

In your use case, You can create an aggregate or advance SQL (in DataAction)  based on your business's filters and sorting, and binding it to the dropdown. One thing to check is how many records will be shown. Because fetching and showing so many records was affecting performance. Utilize a searchable dropdown to avoid it.

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