Trouble with CSS on webblock

Trouble with CSS on webblock

Hi guys,
I’ve a css on a webblock, it contains the following
background: url(img/treeview-default.gif) -64px -25px no-repeat;  

This webblock is used inside another webblock and the total is used on a webpage
When I look in the source in the page it shows me this
background: url(../../../img/treeview-default.gif?497) -64px-25px no-repeat;
Any idea how or why the url path is adjusted ??

I’m using v7.0
Hi Joop,

The css paths are all adjusted so you don't have to worry about the paths of the css.
The paths you write in Service Studio should be targeted as if the css was at the block owner eSpace level.
If the urls are relative, then they get adjusted to where the block files are placed.

So it should work all "out of the box".
You are asking this just out of curiosity or having some problems?

João Rosado
I had problems getting the images on the page ... stupid me ... the "-" signs are discarded by ServiceStudio when you import an image ...
Changed the CSS to get rid off the minus signs and moved the whole CSS to the main CSS.
Now it works