Is it possible to integrate Jupyter Notebook to work with OutSystem?
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Traditional Web, Mobile, Reactive, Service

I want to integrate Dashboards from Jupyter Notebook inside my Application.


Hi Tiago

I am not pretty sure about this solution but you can try.

Integrating a Jupyter Notebook dashboard into OutSystems involves a few steps:

Prepare Your Jupyter Notebook:

Create the Jupyter Notebook containing the dashboard you want to integrate. Ensure that the notebook is ready with all the required visualizations and interactive elements.

Convert Notebook to HTML:

You'll need to convert the Jupyter Notebook to HTML format so that it can be embedded within an OutSystems application. You can use the nbconvert utility that comes with Jupyter to convert the notebook to HTML. Run the following command in your terminal:

Jupyter nbconvert --to html your_notebook.ipynb

This will generate an HTML file from your notebook.

Upload HTML to OutSystems:

In  OutSystems application, you'll likely have a web page or component where you want to integrate the Jupyter Notebook dashboard. Upload the generated HTML file to  OutSystems environment.

Embed HTML in OutSystems:

Within OutSystems web page, you can use an expression for showing html in traditional or InjectHTM forge component for reactive to embed the Jupyter Notebook HTML. Simply copy the HTML code generated from the notebook and paste it into the HTML widget/block's content.

Adjust Styling and Layout:

You might need to adjust the styling and layout of the embedded dashboard to fit within your OutSystems application's design. This could involve using CSS to make sure the dashboard looks consistent with your app's theme.

Hope it helps you



Thank you so much @Arun Rajput for your answering fast. I'll try to do it. 

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