Select one value in dropdown list will reflect relevant value in another field

E.g. I have created several tables , Company , Company Group and Job , 

Inside the Company Table, company will be created and specify  the Company Group, Team, etc

In another Form (Job), how can I make 'company group' is automatically selected based on the Company table when user select the 'company'. Even i put the filter like CompanyID=Jobmaintenance.CompanyID, it is still not worked. Kindly provide an attachment to show the logic as reference. Thanks!


Hi @Winnie Lam 

For showing selected company group you need to assign Group id to variable which you are using in drop-down.

For ex- first you create company with value of company group and team

Now on the second form fetch record from company table on the basis of team using data action of aggregate now you have the selected company group just assigned this group id or value to the variable which is used in drop-down

Hope it helps you


Hi Winnie Lam

I have attached OML below, you will find it in Test screen, Kindly have a look, 

Let me know if its fit for your requirement,




Hi Komal, 

Thanks for your information, but i would like to seek advice for if there is no CompanyID in the Company Group, how i can capture the Company Group when I select "Company"

Table: Company Group (master table)

Table: Company (master table)

-those value of company group , team are selected from other master tables

Job (Input Form):

- Based on above 'Company table', if user select 0005 , only "SHH" will be shown in Company Group.

Please help, Thanks.

Hi ,

In your Company table as I can see you have CompanyGroup Id foreign reference key. Firstly, you should do this correction, this column you should just save the company group Id (and not Id +group name).

Use an aggregate with entity company and company group. Join condition will be company.comapnygroupId= companygroup.Id. In aggregate filter add company.id= local var (which store the company dropdown value).  This will give you expected company Group Id(for the selected comnay). You can use to set your company group dropdown(All this logic to be done on Company Dropdown on Change action. Hope this helps.

Hi , May i know how can i change it to save 'company group ID' for this field in this table?

Check the logic when you save Company. there in assignment just pass the company group Id only . I think you are sending company group Id+ name. 

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