Online Certifications

Online Certifications


I have the online certifications of developer trainee, engagement manager trainee and associate sizer. I recently started working for a company and i was added to the OutSystems Agile Network with the company email account. I need that certifications to do the developer bootcamp. The certifications that i had already done can be linked to the company email address? Or do I have to do them again?

Thanks for your attention.
Hi Mauro,

Please contact the OutSystems Support team (, they will be able to help you.

For the record, and for anyone else in the same situation, your network registration is personal, therefore if you have an individual user and you are hired by a company or if you changing from one company to another, the best way is always to move your network account, and not create a new one, so you can keep your certifications, your post history, private messages, etc. If you need any help doing it, as always, contact the OutSystems Support (

Hi João,
Thanks for your reply.