Auto display after save and close the form

i want it to display the list after submit in the same page and close the form.


Hello Azfar,

Just bind your form with a Boolean variable and on save button after performing you save logic set that Boolean to False and Display the Table in place of form in the same screen.

Note: refresh the aggregate that you will bind with table so that it get the newly added record.



Hello Azfar,

You need to change button save on click property to be client action rather then redirecting to another screen.

Inside client action you will first implement your logic for saving data including calling of a server action that will save data to your database entity and if this action completed successfully you then in client action you can replace end node by destination widget that will redirect you to listing screen.

Hi @Azfar Aiman,

1- Create Local variable of boolen datatype for ex: "IsShowTable" and assign this to visible property of container inside which table is placed. Assign "IsShowTable = false" on the visible property of form's container.

2- Now assign client action on save button and write your logic. After completing your logic you can assign "IsShowTable" value to True. Now refresh the aggregate that you will bind with table .

Hope this will help you!



Hello Azfar, 

Simply place an if condition with any local Boolean variable, list in false condition, and form in true condition.

When you click the save button, you must change the Boolean value to False and refresh the aggregate to get the most recent value. Set the aggregate's Fetch property to "Only On Demand."


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