why cant i delete records?

hello guys, i previou had an entity, and when i was changing the id to be an extend of another entity, it conflicted so i copied to a new entity and deleted the first one so i could have the data as i want. now i m trying to delete all data, but this error happen. i dont know if its related to what i just describe, if you guys can help me i would apreciate

Hi João,

You cannot delete a record from an entity, if the Id of that record is stored in the attribute of another entity, and the Delete Rule is set to Protect.

Judging the error message, you have two entities, FormStep2 and ProPosta, and you try to delete a ProPosta record. However, there's a FormStep2 record, with an attribute ProPostaId, that is filled with the Id of the record you are trying to delete.

To solve this, either you need to first delete the FormStep2 records containing the Id (assuming there are no other entities also with a ProPostaId), set the Delete Rule of the ProPostaId attribute to Delete (in which case the record will be deleted automatically), or set the Delete Rule to Ignore (in which case the delete will succeed, but you're left with an invalid Id in FormStep2).

Hi João, 

Can you please share you OML for better understanding.

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