[Discovery] Import domains from Lifetime issues
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When importing lifetime teams into Discovery Domains I found several problems:

- It allows duplicates (we can import several times the same domain)

- When lifetime teams are big not all application are mapped into discovery domains

- The process is very slow, I took 1 h to import all teams, and maintenance is manual, automate this import through sync timer that already exists


Hey Nuno, just a heads up! 

The community forum isn't the place for suggestions. If you have any ideas, please share them with OutSystems in the dedicated "Ideas" section. 

Best regards, 


Hi Ana

Thanks for the warning (title was not ok and I changed it). These finding I found are problems (duplicates, maintenance, no all apps mapped).

Hi Nuno,

The duplicates will be fixed in the next release (along with some issues with the Domain Lifetime modal).

Regarding the big teams and slowness, this will have to go for a more thorough process (probably on the next one after this release).

Can you please provide what are "big teams" (number of apps, etc.) and detail a little bit more about the slowness?

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