Multiselection in the form

I have created a dropdown tag in a form. However, when I select several options and clicked 'Save', the field become blank. Kindly advise an example with oml to show multi-selection in the form. Thanks.

Hello @Winnie Lam 

I have attached an OML for you.

Please refer, AddProduct screen has multiselect dropdown and on Its Save button the logic is written.

Please let me know if it helped.




Hi Anees, 

After I take your example as reference, Seems the selected dropdown items are still missing after save. Kindly advise which steps can handle "Save" process.  

Before Save: Multi items can be selected.

After Save: All items are disappeared.

Hello @Winnie Lam 

Can you please share your oml so that i can look into your code and try to fix it.



HI Anees, Please go to interface Company2Detail and help check. Thanks.


Hi Winnie, your issue is here:

You're trying to assign a text with multiple ids to a single id attribute. 

Create an additional entity to store many-to-many connections, then run ForEach loop to create records for all selected options. 

Can you attach an oml exmaple for my reference on this case? Thanks.


I guess seeing you table structure , for one company can have muliple prinicpal activities. In that case, you can add for loop and create all selected principal activity for a company Id.(not sure why you have two times Create for company). 

Next in order to see the dropdown tag pre-selected when you come in edit mode, you need to set the dropdown selected value(in this aggregate add filter of company Id which will give you list of activities for that company)

Create On After fetch action for GetPrincipal aggregate and bind it with local var. Hope this helps.


Just wondering when I drag the "CreateOrUpdatePrincipalActivities" action, the property seems different from yours, is there any omitted step by my side? or can you share the updated oml for my reference. Thanks.

There will be + icon on source , click that all column names will be expanded.

Seems not worked for me, would you mind to directly update my oml for my reference? Thanks.

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