Trouble with Session variables

Trouble with Session variables

Hey guys!

I'm having an issue with session variables: the values just disappear when I do an ajax refresh or an edit record error validation in a popup.

I've guaranteed that those values are ok in the preparation action of the popup but, when I save, they just disappear!

Any clue?

Hi Carlos,

Are the screens you open in the popups on the same eSpace? or a reference?
A usual problem that causes unexpected behaviours like that is when the popups open screens from other eSpaces that don't share the same User Provider. (so they get a different session)

If that is not the case, can you provide some sample with that problem?

João Rosado
Same here with v6. After some ajax refreshes or notify my user session variables are cleaned. All in the same espace with the same user provider
Hello Carlos and Nuno,

The popups you're openning are on the same eSpace or in different?
Don't forget that Session Variables aren't shared between eSpaces..
Try to map the values for a local variable just to test if the behaviour is different (correct)..

Best Regards,
Gonçalo Martins
Same eSpace here.
On my screen there is a popup than shows a TableRecord where the user selects one and the OnNotify grabs the Id selected and refreshes the EditRecord.

When I open, select the record and refresh the edit record, my session variables as lost.

I assigned the same values to a local variable in the preparation and that same values are null/empty/zero after open popup and select.
Can you provide a simple demo-espace where it happens?
Joost Landgraf wrote:
Can you provide a simple demo-espace where it happens?
 here is it.

My Platform Server  is v6.0.1.11.

If I have a breakpoint in the save action, after I open the popup and select an item, the session variables are empty.
Now they are assigned in the preparation.
Hi Nuno,

Looks to me that you are hitting this problem :

#295795 Fixed session problem when stopping in a debugger breakpoint before accessing a session variable

That has been fixed in and

João Rosado
and it works if i don't use the debug?
Hi Nuno,

If that is your problem, yes works fine if there is no debugger attached.

João Rosado
Thanks João.

I always used the debug to check if everything was ok while saving. Now without the debug everything worked fine. You're a life saver.