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Forge component by Gonçalo Martins

I'm using Outsystems Data Grid in my application, in which it is fetching large amount of records (more than lakhs) and I'm using Server-Side pagination to enhance performance. I've already set the 'ServerSidePagination' property to true. However, I'm currently facing a challenge where I don't see any navigation options to move between different pages of the data. 

Can anyone help me in handling Server side pagination in Outsystems Data Grid?


Hello @Gnana Sahithi

In order to see a working example you can check the OutSystems Data Grid Sample available in Forge, where you have this page explaining (you can install it and check the implementation).


Hi Gonçalo,

In following these samples, I've found that some of the instructions (especially around pagination) are incomplete or outdated, and following the implementation only worked in the most basic use case. I was able to muddle through and figured it out on my own eventually, but I think it would be very helpful to new users of the Data Grid if it could be expanded upon or updated! :)

Hello @Josie McCauley

First of all, thank you for the feedback.
The sample as it is will neves cover 100% of the scenarios.
However, could you please expand a bit more on what you found outdated and where you struggled the most so that we can think about those use cases?


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