(About Reactive Security) Screen Variables - Can they be modified by user in any way?

Is it possible for a user (not the app developer) to Edit the screen variables using any tools/techniques?

For example: Screen Name "Home"; Variable: Name (default: "Hello"). Can "Hello" be changed through browser and/or any other tool/technique?


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When you access a screen, if you inspect the elements in that page (press F12), you'll be able to see every script generated automatically by the platform for that specific page.

Screen variables will also be present in these scripts, as you can see in here:

Go to Sources tab -> Page -> scripts folder:

As such, you should be able to debug, change and execute these scripts (alongside with their variables). If you verify in the right side, you should also be able to change every JavaScript variable value.


This was just using my browser, but for sure there are other tools to do this. Everything that is present client-side should be easily manipulated, and these scripts / variables are not an exception.

Hope that this helps you!

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Rui Barradas

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