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Hello Team,

Can anyone suggest me how to change excel data dynamically.

if user uploads excel and then he wants to change the data inside uploaded excel. can it be possible in outsystems. 
user can only upload one time.


Hello @Bilalhussaini Sayyed ,

Do you save that uploaded excel as binary data or you read data from excel sheet and save it to database entity?

If you save it as binary so you will need to ready binary data from database entity then convert it to list of structure using ExcelToRecordList and display data into a screen which allow user to edit data and once user click save convert list of structure again to excel using RecordListToExcel and save or update existing binary data into database entity.

If you read and save data only so you will retrieve data from database entity using user Id and display data into edit screen to allow user to edit and once he click save you will update data into database entity

Hi @Mostafa Othman ,

Thanks for responding.
Can user directly update excel sheet with out using screens.

once user updates in excel it should directly update the database.


Please confirm my understanding. 

You want user to upload excel sheet first time and you will save data to OutSystems table after that if user want to update data into that sheet he will open excel sheet itself outside application and edit data but you want to reflect these changes into OutSystems database entity. Please correct me if I am wrong.

But if this is correct you cannot update excel sheet outside application and make changes to be reflected into database entity. You have to build some screens to show data and allow user to update then save data again.

I am not sure but I don't think this is a valid business scenario to allow any changes done into excel sheet to be reflected into application


Hi @Bilalhussaini Sayyed 

You can change data using "Advance Excel" forge component below is the link of component




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