Error opening existing extension in Integration Studio

Hello friends,

I have a problem in Integration Studio in which I am not able to open my Extension (already existing). When I try to connect, I get the following error:

I updated to the latest version of Integration Studio (11.14.20 Build 88) and the error persists, however, I receive a message informing the version in which the component was developed, as shown in the prints below:

Can you tell me if there is a problem in Integration Studio where this is happening?

A quick point: can I get the C# files from this .XIF without having to open Integration Studio? (as well as an OAP that I can extract the content from)

Best regards,
Edson Marques

Hi @Edson Marques, Did you check the file locks, as integration studio uses a file locking mechanism to prevent multiple users from editing same file at the same time, you may also need to clear the cache of integration studio, final option I have is to uninstall and reinstall the integration studio to make sure the the IDE configuration is correct.

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