change a attribute to another attribute

change a attribute to another attribute

I wand to change one attribute to antoher atrubite in another entity.
ive got Restwords and Ignoreword. i wand to change one restword into a ignoreword. but i dont know how i do this.
in the list i need a button so with one click the Restword change into a ignorword and at the same time the Restword is deleted in the RestwordList because it is a Ignoreword now. has someyone a idea or a solution for this problem?

in your action you have to simply set a new record and assign all values to the one you want to create.
and you will create the ignoreword entity.

Now my other question will be, what if you have just 1 entity

IsIgnored (boolean)

now if you want to ignore it, you just flip the boolean and update the record..

hi Joost,
thanks for your reaction.
im going to try your idea. but when you have just 1 entity you must edit another entity because a restword mustchange to another entity. The restword list must be empty as possible.