Get the object from a specific table row

Hi everyone!

I have a custom structure on ODC. At my "screen" I have a table with some of the information from the structure. The objective is to click a button (situated at each row) and open another smaller table. This small table should have the information that is not shown at the first table.

How can I get this object at the specific row by clicking on the button at ODC?

Thks u all!

Hi José,

I would suggest that instead of using a table use a list. With that approach you will be able to achieve what you want.

Then, on clicking on a list item you display/hide its child table/list.



Hi João Pais, thks for your option!

At ListsItem how can I use the object at the swipe action to use it at the OnClick action?


Hi Jose

Create one web block with input parameter of table identifier 

using this parameter fetch record from table 

Inside the web block create smaller table which you want to show and call this web block inside parent list.


I think you want to click on the row, right?

That onclick will show/hide the child table you want.

I want to get the data of the row clicking on a button on the row and then print on another table with more information

Yes, I know. You could have onclick event on the row or have it on a button. It doesn't have impact and it is the same line of thought. Here is one image of what I think you want:

The Button will show the ChildTable container.

that's exactly what I look for, with that OnClick on the image, I get all information of the row?

Yes, with that OnClick you can get the information you need...


I tried another way and I getthe object selected, but when I show data it does not show the info just white spaces, I used the JS module to do a "console.log" of the data received and it says "<empty string>".

 I know that the object is going rigth because at the list, it creates the correct number of rows for each object and each click.

It's kind of impossible to know where the error could be only with that description. Do you want to share your module? 


but where are you going to show that extra info when btn is clicked?

I'm trying to display at a list of "selectRowObject", but I can't so then I tried just doing a console.log

I'm not following you. You wanted to click on a button in a row to display extra information about that row.


Simple list with "Id", "Text", "Time" and "show"(bool):

You are going to show Id and Text. Time will be showed only when you click the button.

Widget tree:

Extra information container:

Btn "show":

ShowOnClick action (show/hide):

With a table is what I tried, but what did u show to me is what I want. 

Sorry if I am not making myself clear

At your exaple I have two questions:

1. The source of the first list is "ListOfThings"

2. At each container called "col1", "col2"...  you have a list item?


1. The source can be a list of whatever you want .


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