Which app type should we use when creating ODC application for data only?

We are creating a separate front-end UI app that will consume a data only application in ODC. In OS11, we would just choose a service app type; but in ODC, the only options are the Reactive Web, Tablet, and Phone. Does it matter which one we choose for a data only application?

For example, Files application to be shared among all applications?


Hi @Sam Riggleman 

If your application is not containing interface there is just Integration part then you should create library instead of Web app. But if there is interface in application then you can choose web application.



@Arun Rajput My understanding is that libraries in ODC can only have static entities, not regular database entities that store data to the database. They're designed to be reusable UI elements, theme components, etc that can have specific versions of the library deployed along with an application.

So we have to use an application to store data in ODC from what I understand. 

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