insert current date time based on country

i have problem with the current date time. it not follow my country time. my country is Malaysia. how can i solve this problem. 


Hi Azfar,

If you are in the OutSystems cloud, all date/times are in UTC. A lot has been written about this topic, also here on the forum. How you need to handle this depends on whether you are using Traditional, Reactive or Mobile.


@Azfar Aiman Please follow below steps and you will able to save client side date and time into entity.

  • Assign Current date time to local variable on client side.
  • convert data type of local variable datetime to text.
  • pass that local variable to server side and convert data type text to datetime.
  • you will be able to get client side datetime into server action and save into database entity.


Apoorv Choubey

This is quite a work-around, and not a proper solution.

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